A Simple Guide to the Different Types of Flooring for Your Living Spaces
5 min read
July 18, 2022

A Simple Guide to the Different Types of Flooring for Your Living Spaces

5 min read
July 18, 2022

Are you a first-time homeowner and very involved in the construction of your home? Then, you’ll have a lot of choices to make to see your dream home come together. There are numerous choices left and right for furniture, lighting, color accents, and flooring material. You'll most likely browse materials from the most expensive to the most practical ones. But, how do you know exactly which flooring material is worth investing in? 

We’ve come to help you narrow down and familiarize your flooring options. In this blog post, we'll look at some of the features of different flooring types to help you choose the most suitable flooring material for your dream home. So, continue reading below to know more about your flooring options!  

The Better Option: The Different Types of Flooring

Have you swept the internet looking for the best flooring material, and your results show that every material is excellent? Believe it or not, it’s true. Each flooring material is outstanding if you know when and where to place it in your home. 

Not all flooring types are as effective when placed indoors compared to when placed outdoors and vice versa. Moreover, different areas in your house may require different flooring materials depending on their function. 

So, here are some of the flooring options to consider for your home.

wood flooring on living room

Option #1: Hardwood Flooring 

Solid hardwood has been a popular flooring choice even in ancient times. Because of the timeless beauty and classic look it gives to a home, it remains the top choice of homeowners today. 

The beauty of natural wood is unmatched when it comes to flooring material. But before you get all hyped up about wood floors, it's important to note that this floor is categorized into three types. So let’s take a peek into the different types of wood flooring and find out which choice is most suitable for your home needs. 

Solid hardwood flooring

  • All-natural. All organic. Solid hardwood planks are made from pure wood with no other material. Unfortunately, this flooring material comes with an expensive price tag. 
  • Demanding installation process. Such precious material requires careful preparation. For example, you can't just install solid hardwood on any base. This type of flooring is commonly nailed on a wooden subfloor. Moreover, solid hardwood is easily affected by humidity. So please take note of these considerations before choosing them, or you'll spend more on repairs in the long run. 
  • Resilient and long-lasting. One of the most excellent features of solid hardwood is its durability. On average, wood flooring can take the test of time for up to 50 years — it’s safe to say that choosing exotic wood types will last you a lifetime. Furthermore, solid hardwood increases your property value. So, if you're planning to sell your residence, its selling price will increase over time. 

Engineered wood flooring 

  • Cheap alternative. You may find solid hardwood too expensive for your budget. However, you can explore engineered wood options if you want wooden floors for your home without blowing your budget. Engineered hardwood costs less than solid hardwood planks, which are made by compressing wood scraps to form a wood plank. Then, it’s combined with resin and polymer to finish the flooring board. 
  • Versatile installation process. Unlike solid hardwood, which requires careful preparation, EWF planks are commonly installed by snapping. This means installing them over concrete, tile, or wood subfloor is alright. 
  • Not easily affected by humidity. Moisture and humidity cannot easily affect the wood planks because EFW has resin combined. However, some planks are made to stand even more moisture and humidity, so if you're planning to place wood floors in a humid room, try considering these planks. 
  • Practical tip: ​​It’s best to explore different manufacturers of EWF.
vinyl wood look flooring on bedroom 

Option #2: Vinyl Tile Flooring  

Don't confuse yourself with the different types of vinyl flooring. The vinyl tile and luxury vinyl tiles are practically the same things. LVT material only has an additional texture, so it completely mimics the feeling of genuine material. As a result, it's one of the best choices if you're looking for a budget-friendly flooring option. 

  • Waterproof flooring. It's hard to find affordable flooring that's also waterproof, but vinyl flooring has it for you. The flooring types have multiple non-porous layers that prevent water from getting inside the plank. Furthermore, some manufacturers add a non-slip grip layer so you can safely use these tiles even in your bathroom
  • Different installation processes. You can explore different ways to explore vinyl floors. This flooring type is excellent for DIYs; choose between glued-down, loose lay flooring or sheets. You won't require professional help to install vinyl, saving you a significant amount of money. 
  • Various designs. You are not limited with design options because vinyl uses an image layer to create its planks. You can have natural stone, wood flooring, and geometric patterns combined with the textured surface, and you'll have the same experience with the real material without that heavy price tag.
stone slate foyer flooring

Option #3: Natural Stone Flooring 

Another timeless flooring material is natural stone. If you want to bring out the elegance of your home, this is the material you should seek after. Besides its superior durability, you have a lot of materials you can choose from when it comes to natural stone. So if you can flex your budget a bit more, you won’t regret investing in natural stone flooring. 

  • Stone material options. Most stone flooring is in the form of tiles, but you can get them in different materials. There's travertine, limestone, slate, granite, quartz, marble, and sandstone. These options are excellent for indoor and outdoor placements and will elevate your place's overall look. 
  • Perfect for trafficked areas and high temperatures. Natural stone flooring is the most durable among the flooring types. This is the perfect choice for areas of your home with heavy foot traffic like the living room and foyer. Furthermore, this flooring is perfect for any season because extreme cold and heat will not ruin this flooring. Just be careful walking on the floor barefoot with extreme temperatures. 
  • Versatile material. You can opt to have your stone tiles textured or not. The rough surfaces will give more grip to make the floor non-slip. Polished stone tiles will bring out the shine of the material. Furthermore, you can also put this material on your countertops and kitchen walls backsplash. 

What’s Your Floor? 

Now that you've seen a glimpse of different flooring types, we hope this helps you narrow down your choices for the most suitable flooring material for your home. Of course, each flooring has its merits. Make sure to make the proper choice depending on your needs and budget. 

If you’re eyeing a specific flooring material, you can check out our blogs for a more detailed review to help you make a more informed choice. 

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