SORBUS HOME Faux Wood Floor Mat Review: Can It Liven Up Your Art Gallery?
5 min read
May 4, 2022

SORBUS HOME Faux Wood Floor Mat Review: Can It Liven Up Your Art Gallery?

5 min read
May 4, 2022

The interior of a gallery is important to its success. As you display artworks in an aesthetically pleasing manner, it's only right that the interiors reflect the same quality and style. 

However, flooring is an often overlooked aspect of interior design. And if you haven’t seen visitors in a while, the dull flooring might be the culprit.

Don’t lose hope! With a little imagination, you can bring back the freshness of your gallery and restore the interest of your visitors.

This blog post will discuss the importance of flooring in attracting visitors to your gallery. We will also recommend a product that can give your gallery a fresh look without spending a lot of money or time on it.

Ready to transform your space in a blink of an eye? Keep reading!

The Power of First Impression: Why Flooring Matters

Most art curators are unaware that flooring greatly contributes to the appearance of a gallery. Here are some reasons you shouldn't overlook your gallery floor.

  • The flooring adds to the overall aesthetic of a gallery. For example, a sleek and bright floor can make a modern gallery look more contemporary. In the same way, a rough and rustic floor can add to the charm of a long-established gallery.
  • The flooring helps set the mood of a gallery. A dark and foreboding floor might be appropriate for a gallery featuring Gothic artwork, while a bright and cheery floor would better suit a kid’s gallery. 
  • The flooring creates a visually interesting dynamic with your lighting. If you notice, the floor reflects the light, which elevates the look of your gallery and captures visitors' eyes.

Faux Wood Floor Mats: The Perfect Wood Floor Replica

In art, some things just can't be replicated. So if you want wood floors for your gallery, we totally understand if you don’t want to settle for anything less than the actual stuff. 

But in today's home decor, there’s a new sheriff in town: faux wood floor mats. These mats are replicas of hardwood floors, and they’re taking the art world by storm.

One great thing about these faux wood mats is that they have all the beauty of wood floors without the hassle of sanding, staining, and sealing. They also give art galleries a warm and inviting look that complements any artwork. Moreover, these high-quality faux wood vinyl floor mats are easy to clean and maintain, so any dirt and damage after a busy event will not be a problem. 

Product Spotlight: The SORBUS Home Wood Grain Faux Mats

SORBUS Faux Wood Floor Mats

Source: SORBUS Home

If you want to elevate the look of your gallery without spending too much, the SORBUS Faux Wood Floor Mats can help! This wood alternative is the answer for curators who want to imbue life into their gallery in the easiest way possible.

Let's delve into its features and see why it can be the crowd-puller you’ve been searching for.


First, check out the number of tiles in each pack and the coverage to see if they fit your area.

  • 4-tile pack - 16 sq. ft.
  • 6-tile pack - 24 sq. ft.
  • 12-tile pack - 48 sq. ft.

Key Product Features

Now, we will review each specification for you to visualize its appearance and analyze its potential benefits for your gallery.


The faux floor mats are made of durable faux wood grain stained in rich mahogany color. This rustic color is sure to impress guests because it is easy to match and coordinate with any space and highlights the best parts of your exhibit.


The SORBUS Home floor mats are 100% polyethylene, and the printed film material is 100% oriented polypropylene.

Installation Type

These large faux wood floor mats come with detachable edges, so you can quickly assemble and disassemble them for cleaning, replacement, transport, or storage.


These foam mats have a thick cushion that provides noise reduction and a soft feeling on the tired feet of visitors standing and milling around.

Reasons to Buy It

Some factors discussed above may have already convinced you to buy this floor mat for your art space. But if you're still looking for something to get you committed, we'll break down some reasons to motivate you. Check them out.

If You Want to Regularly Replace Your Flooring

A dirty trail of footsteps is a common problem in art galleries. But here's the good thing about the SORBUS Home foam mats: you won’t need special tools or skills because they are incredibly easy to install and remove from the floor. Thus, you can change your flooring as often as you like, unlike hardwood or laminate flooring that needs professional installation.

If You Are Worried About Your Visitors

The SORBUS Home foam tiles have a unique design that provides fatigue relief and comfort for visitors and customers who spend hours walking around looking at paintings.

If You Wish to Achieve a Luxurious Look

The wood grain finish of the SORBUS Home wood floor mats can complement the look of any art gallery and give it a more polished and professional appearance.

If You Fear Water Spills

Does your museum have an adjoining cafe or restaurant where visitors can eat and drink? Consider that the flooring there is prone to spillage. Fortunately, the mats can absorb water quickly, so you can prevent your floor from getting wet and damaged.

If You Have a Large Number of Visitors

Having an art gallery means dealing with heavy foot traffic. Thus, you need a durable mat like SORBUS Home wood grain faux mat to withstand the wear and tear.

Reasons Not to Buy It

We love a lot of things about the SORBUS Home wood grain faux mats. They're beautiful, protect your floors, and make art galleries look higher-end. However, some things would make you think twice before selecting this product. Here's how to know if you should not buy it.

If You Want Real Wood

Looking for the warmth and beauty of real wood floors? Then, these mats are not for you. Despite its realistic wood look and texture, the print still did not satisfy some users. Furthermore, some find the colors washed out and bland. 

If You Want a Shiny Surface

If you're looking for that extra shine in your gallery, these wood grain floor mats are not for you. They don't give off the shine of a buffed floor, so this faux wood floor will look a bit dull in comparison.

The Verdict: Is This a Winning Item?

So, is a faux wood floor mat the answer to all of your art gallery needs? Absolutely yes! A faux wood floor mat may be right up your alley if you're looking for an easy way to revive your gallery’s freshness without overspending. 
However, if you're looking for something with better or more specialized features than faux wood floor mats, check out our other product recommendations that can enhance your place!

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