What Is the Right Wood Flooring Adhesive for Your Space?
4 min read
May 5, 2022

What Is the Right Wood Flooring Adhesive for Your Space?

4 min read
May 5, 2022

Are you planning to install wood flooring for a rustic space project? Or are you replacing your old wood flooring with a new one? Perhaps you're already halfway through your installation and currently stuck on the adhesive phase, unsure what to use.

We’re here to get you unstuck! This article is a good start if you need a crash course on wood flooring adhesive. When it comes to wood flooring glues, you must understand a few types and buying considerations. So keep reading, and allow us to help you decide which one is best for your needs!

A Quick Check on Pre-Adhesive Flooring Considerations

Before heading straight to the glue talk, let's check on some pre-adhesive flooring factors. 

What you do before putting the floors down is important because it's a one-time application. Sure, you can remove and reinstall the floors later, but that can cause them to wear out fast and ruin your installation.

That’s why we want to ensure you've done the following before getting to the adhesives:

  • Did you work on the substrate? It is the supporting material or surface where your flooring lies. In most cases, it's made of either concrete or ceramic tile, but you can also use wood.
  • What is your wood flooring choice? Is it hardwood, laminate, parquet, or engineered wood? Knowing this will play an important role in figuring out the adhesive.
  • What is the wood flooring species and pattern? Your aesthetic considerations are an important (and fun) part of the installation process; they significantly influence the overall look of your space. Choose from various wood species (e.g., oak, walnut, or pine) and patterns (e.g., parquet, basket weave, or straight) before installing.
  • What's your wood board finish? Finish boards provide a smooth, flat surface that brings a rich look to your floors. Typically, you only need to choose between prefinished and unfinished hardwood boards. Both are great, but prefinished boards eliminate sanding, staining, and coating tasks.
best wood flooring adhesive - wood parquet floor planks with exposed adhesive

Adhesives: The Last But Not Least Part of Wood Flooring Installation 

Have you checked all of the pre-adhesive installation procedures on your list? Great! Let's now move on to a brief course on wood flooring glues. Here are pointers on choosing the right adhesive for your wood flooring.

3 Types of Adhesive for Wood Floors

There are three types of adhesives for wood flooring installation. Before, there were only two, but modern innovations gave birth to another excellent option. Below is an overview of these adhesives.

  1. A urethane adhesive is the most common adhesive used in wood flooring installation. It's popular because it sticks well and is highly flexible when dry. Consequently, it's a good choice for areas with lots of movement and weight. Also, it's perfect for high-moisture areas because it doesn't allow liquid to flow through the cracks.
  2. A water-based adhesive has a low volatile organic compound (VOC) content, a good choice for indoor flooring installations. When your floorboards do not bond well to the substrate, this adhesive can make them more solid. However, it's neither moisture-resistant nor waterproof, so you need to be extra careful.
  3. A modified silicone polymer adhesive is the newest type that combines the best features of urethane and water-based glues. It's flexible and moisture-resistant and has a high shear strength and environmental resistance. Polymer is perfect for indoor wood flooring projects.
wood block flooring adhesive - store section for home improvement

How to Find the Best Wood Flooring Adhesive

Now that you know the different types of adhesives, it's time to choose the best one for your flooring project. Here are some essential purchase considerations to guide you.

What Are the Best Brands?

Brand reputation is a common buying consideration, especially for first-time buyers. The most popular brands are well-known for a reason: they can produce high-quality products that consistently do the job well.

According to multiple customer reviews and Amazon's best seller lists, these are some of the best brands for wood floor adhesives.

  • Bostik — Strong urethane hardwood adhesives and zero VOCs
  • Roberts — High-quality formulations and pressure sensitivity
  • Cal-Flor — Excellent moisture barrier and durability in wet areas
  • Gorilla — Industrial strength and versatility, even for unconventional surfaces
  • Weldbond — Superior bond strength and affordability

Naturally, the top choice may differ depending on one’s needs and preferences. However, we suggest trying the first four brands as many people recommend them more than the others.

What Features Should You Look For?

Aside from the brand, here are more woodblock flooring adhesive features to help you figure out what to use for your project.

  • Good moisture control to prevent water damage
  • Zero or low VOC content and fumes
  • Strong and dependable bonding strength
  • Quick-drying time (especially if you're a busy person)
  • Flexibility with different substrates or types of wood floors
  • Temperature resistance
  • Secure warranty (both from the adhesive and wood flooring manufacturers) 

Stick It Right and Make It Last

If it’s your first time installing new wood flooring for your home or commercial space, chances are you'll find adhesive application challenging. It can be e

specially tough when you can't even determine the right type of adhesive for your project. Worse, you might have applied the glue already and later realized that it doesn't suit your flooring!

To prevent any of that from happening or recurring, know the basics and complexity of hardwood flooring adhesive. Different types fit different floor species and substrates, so plan your pre-adhesive flooring meticulously. This way, you’ll figure out the right type of adhesive for your project and prevent any problems throughout the installation.

Also, familiarize yourself with the properties of a good adhesive. Research the most reliable brands and find out what makes them so popular. With all this information, you will find the floor glue that will not get you stuck in the sticky stage of flooring installation.

Best of luck on your wood flooring project! 

If you want to read more information on wood flooring, feel free to browse our website. You can find wood floor product reviews and buying guides.

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