Give Your Home a Sophisticated Feel With These Wood Flooring Ideas
5 min read
January 26, 2022

Give Your Home a Sophisticated Feel With These Wood Flooring Ideas

5 min read
January 26, 2022

Wood is one of the most popular among different types of flooring because it has a classic feel that never goes out of style. It is timeless, versatile, and can match any theme or style you wish to incorporate into your home’s interiors.

Whether you are remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, or the whole house, a hardwood floor offers elegance and quality that you wouldn’t find in other types of flooring. You can choose from several hardwood flooring types, such as oak wood floors which are very popular for their durability and beauty, or you could go with maple wood flooring for its cool gray undertones and warmth.

Here are some wood flooring ideas to help you nail down the best flooring for your home!


If you want to get on the green bandwagon and subscribe to a sustainable lifestyle, cork flooring might be the best option for you. This kind of flooring is made from the cork oak tree (Quercus suber), which can be harvested multiple times during its lifespan. So you can put your mind to rest as you install this all-natural and sustainable wood material across your home’s floor.

There are numerous benefits that you can achieve from using cork flooring:

  1. It offers you a soft and cushioned surface even without laying down carpets.
  2. It serves as a natural insulator for keeping your home’s temperature comfortable, especially for your feet.
  3. Compared to other flooring types, cork is easier to install and maintain.


When you think of hardwood flooring, you might think of varnished, glossy, and dark wood. This elegant and sophisticated appearance is achieved by subjecting wood after multiple rounds of floor treatments. However, with teak wood, it all comes naturally because of its overflowing natural oils.

Because of its natural beauty, teak has become one of the most sought-after wood flooring materials, making it extremely expensive for the average homeowner. If you insist on investing your hard-earned money in teak wood, take extra precautions to avoid illegally sold wood. Due to its high price, an industry of illegal harvesters emerged throughout the years.


Just like teak, mahogany wood is really expensive because it is an exotic wood species. Mahogany is known for its rich reddish-brown color, smooth texture, and fine grain. Anyone who’d visit your home would be left speechless by its sophisticated aesthetic. It really lives up to its reputation.

When buying mahogany wood, you have to take into account the difference between “Santos mahogany” and genuine mahogany. Santos mahogany is difficult to work with compared to varieties of real mahogany. Due to its likeness to genuine mahogany and cheaper price tag, it’s being promoted as an alternative to the real thing.


The greatest advantage that bamboo wood has over other kinds of wood is its sustainability. Other wood varieties can only be harvested after at least 20 years, while bamboo only needs five to six years. You don’t need to worry about the illegal wood trade, as bamboo plantations that practice responsible farming are plenty and common.

Another advantage of using bamboo for your home’s flooring is that it can easily be maintained and refinished. You’d get more for your money for as long as it’s kept in good shape throughout the years. As for the cost, it’s in the same price range as the other kinds of hardwood flooring.


If you want a more flexible wood aesthetic for your home’s interiors, you can bet on maple wood to do the job right. Besides being durable and long-lasting, maple wood also has a neutral light color that can complement your walls, furniture, and overall design style.

You should take advantage of the natural appearance of maple wood to its full potential by incorporating it with your minimalist or Scandinavian home interior design. It goes well with lighter color palettes, lending your home a roomier and more airy feeling.

As for its strength and durability, you should know that most bowling alleys use maple wood. Have you seen a bowling alley crack due to the high impact and weight of bowling balls? No? Then you can rely on maple to last for decades without significant damage and wear.


Due to it being a highly replenishable wood variety, pinewood can be bought for a low price, especially compared to other most sought-after wood flooring materials. However, this low price comes with a trade-off: you have to sacrifice durability. As it is categorized as softwood, it is susceptible to scratches from pets and high impacts from moving furniture across the floor, to name a few examples.

Pine is often sold unfinished, which can be both bad and good. It can be a disadvantage because having it finished means additional expense. However, it can also work to your benefit because you can customize how it is stained and painted.


As one of the most popular wood flooring types, oak has two primary varieties: red oak and white oak. Red oak has become the so-called measuring stick when it comes to wood flooring. All other hardwood varieties are often compared against it. Red oak exhibits reddish pink and brown hues, giving it a unique aesthetic. 

While red oak is the most popular flooring option among homeowners, there now seems to be a growing demand for white oak. White oak naturally has a lighter color and can be stained with gray and darker brown hues. In addition, white oak is more durable than its red counterpart due to its greater density.


Walnut features a striking aesthetic with its rich and deep dark coloring, making it desirable for contemporary interior designs that highlight a dark wood floor. It has color varieties ranging from chocolate-brown to near-purple hues. Its texture exhibits a sophisticated web of knots and swirls, giving it a luxurious feel.

Another advantage of using walnut for your wood flooring is its workability. It is more flexible and smoother compared to other wood floor materials. In addition, it can save you money as you can skip paying to have it fitted, but it still has to be maintained regularly to keep it looking its best.

Final Thoughts

With so many different types of wood flooring to choose from, you’re sure to settle on one that is the perfect fit for your home. Wood is an inexpensive, sustainable material that you can lay down in any room of the house. There are plenty of options available, whether you prefer the warmth and rich tones of teak wood or want something more durable like walnut. 

But, it’s not just about the beauty of your wood floors; you also want them to stand up against wear and tear over time. Whichever wood material you choose, wood flooring will surely give your home a classic and refined look!

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